How does your organization show its patriotic support?

Give gifts sourced entirely from veteran and military spouse owned businesses.

Win - Win - Win

Here Are A Few Examples...

The MilHousing Network Closing Gift

After each military client closed on a house, they received this specially curated gift to welcome them home. All products were sourced from military spouse owned businesses to further The MilHousing Network's mission.

The Johnson & Johnson Swag Bag

In 2019, Johnson & Johnson provided each veteran with this collection of goodies at their Veterans Leadership Council Summit. 

The J. Gisele Gift Box

The veteran owned events & entertainment company J. Gisele not only hosted their VIP's on a yacht with a delicious "Dream Brunch." They also gave their guests these gift boxes curated to represent their brand in an elegant but functional way.

A Mission Combining Logistics With Beauty

In 2016, Gifting With Valor's founder, Lindsay Hinger, decided to combine her strengths to create the gift box business, MilSO Box LLC. She had 12 years of logistics experience in and after the Air Force, as well as a superb customer service ability and knack for thoughtful and creative gifting. In 2019, she sold MilSO Box LLC. to a military spouse, who runs it today.

Now, she focuses on serving clients and suppliers in the mission to increase and support veteran and military spouse entrepreneurship through Gifting With Valor LLC.

Good To Know

Our custom gifts are ideal for:

Corporate account appreciation

New hires

Closings on new homes

Special gifts at events & conferences

Veteran or military spouse appreciation

Promotions, relocations & retirements

Program or training graduates

Available features:

Thoughtful & customized curation

Military branch customization

White labeling

Drop shipping to recipient or

Bulk delivery for distribution

Budget specific curation

Volumes of 50 boxes or more

Seasonal options

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