Veteran and Military Spouse Suppliers

  • Our Military Spouse Suppliers

    Gifting With Valor’s goal when partnering with veteran and military spouse suppliers is to support military entrepreneurship. We value the hard work and determination it takes to own a business, and realize that our military community is bursting with entrepreneurship. We’d like to take a second today and recognize some of our favorite military spouse owned businesses who supply products for Gifting With Valor gift boxes.
  • Active Duty Sailors Who Forgot They Had Jobs

    An ideal mix of coffee, motivated entrepreneurs, and military experience combine to create one successful business that keeps its people happy and its community prosperous.
  • No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee

    "Early one morning, with the light just right, Jon caught a glimpse of the pattern the coffee made on the countertop and inspiration struck. Beginning with a few pieces of paper taped to the countertop, the “spilled coffee” art form quickly took shape. Taped paper was soon upgraded to canvas, and Coffee on Canvas was born" in 2016.