Active Duty Sailors Who Forgot They Had Jobs

Okay, maybe they didn't forget. Maybe, just maybe, they drank too much of their own coffee and had way too much energy for ONLY defending our nation. They just HAD to show off and also start a successful business! *insert spirit fingers*

Ubora LLC is a coffee roasting company owned by two active duty sailors, Andre Leon and Phillip Weisner. Not only do they roast excellent coffee, they also provide a full service espresso bar in their Augusta, GA location.

Leon had always wanted to do something with coffee. It wasn't until he went to Australia and saw their coffee scene that he endeavored to roast, serve, and present coffee the same coveted way someone would treat wine or Scotch.

Ubora Coffee

When asked about their successes, Leon points to their passion and the strong team they have assembled. They employ other veterans, and together their military backgrounds lend to flexibility and adaptability; two essential qualities needed in this time of COVID-19. Ubora's diverse and passionate team also enjoys a culture of creativity and ownership.

Under Leon and Weisner's leadership, their outstanding business was voted the #1 coffee roastery and shop in Augusta, GA! Ubora has also had the privilege of participating in fundraisers to benefit Alzheimer's and Cancer research. 

Ubora Coffee

Of course, becoming a competitive coffee roaster is not all sunshine and rainbows. Leon says their support system has consisted of the family and friends who believed in their vision. "Always have a plan Z," he says. "A lot of times Plan A through Plan Y simply don't work." Leon also shares that aspiring business owners should understand the importance of the commercial landlord-tenant relationship. Ubora understands from experience.

Currently, Ubora is collaborating with other businesses in the Augusta, GA area to help drive the economy. This may include shared spaces, giveaways, blood drives, and supporting community events. 

Beyond Augusta, Ubora is open and excited to collaborate with complementary companies on online sales or bundles, such as their inclusion in Gifting With Valor's most recent gift boxes.

To see success like Ubora's, Leon says to "follow your dreams and passions." Do your research but don't suffer from analysis paralysis. You will never have all the information, but you will be able to face every day with the opportunity to improve. 

 Ubora Coffee


Edited to add *** Walter Dyer is a former Owner/ Operator of Ubora Coffee LLC. According to Ubora Coffee LLC. he is currently an investor. 


  • To Schteed and HMPetsch: Walter Dyer’s name was not given to me before this article was written. Also, it is not up to me to decide who is right and who is wrong here. That is what your lawyers are for. I would take this blog post down, but I’d rather have Ubora Coffee LLC. (this business you say you have helped build) gain more attention and perhaps more business. I hope you would like to see the same. In the meantime, I will add a side note referencing this dispute.

    Lindsay D Hinger
  • Thanks for the shout out Schteed. Walter tried to contact the publisher about the error and this is the response, regardless of the facts he presented in his request for correction.

    “I’m so sorry you were not included, but I had no information given to me about you. Also, I had the two Ubora owners review the article before I published it. I believe any grievances should be brought to your former partners.

    Lindsay Hinger

    Founder and CEO, Gifting With Valor, LLC."

    Sometimes, it’s not worth the fight. Though you are correct that Walter Dyer is an Owner. Neither group is looking for correctness or accuracy at this point.

    Your support means the world. Have a great Holiday Season!

  • Where’s any mention of Walter Dyer? The Sailor who got this company kicked off, who is the only reason so many people knew about it, and the one who showed me how good their coffee was?
    Why isn’t he mentioned?


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